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Honey Jars
Three back beekeepers in protective work
Beekeeping boxes stacked and ready to be
Old bee smoker, Beekeeping tool, Sring i

Local Honey

An all-time customer favorite, our Local Honey has always been one of our flagship products. Browse our store to explore different packages of this product and pick the one you like the most.

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Bee Suits

Looking for a special gift for your loved ones? Our Beeswax Candle may be what you’re looking for. Check out our selection of hand-made products and join our long list of satisfied customers today!

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Bee Hive

Our selection of hive pieces range from moisture boxes to the very frames themselves we pride ourselves on a wide selection of hive types and styles.

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Beekeeping Accessories

From quality steel hive tools to fine-haired bee brushes, we've got it all!

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